Tale Three – Chapter Two

Here’s the second part to our third story!

They walk past the window. Scurrying about their pointless lives. Drinking their coffee, complaining about traffic. If only they knew. If only they could possibly fathom what was coming. The glorious rise of my underworld. I will be in command. I will rule them al-

“Excuse me?!”

“Welcome to Olympus Department Store. How can I help you?”

“How much are these shoes?”

“I’ll check for you.”

Look at her standing there. On her cell phone, talking to some ‘friend’.

“No, Scarlet I’m on my way. I just needed to stop off at Olympus. Some weird Goth kid is helping me and he’s totally useless. Probably on drugs or something.”

Not knowing that soon they will both be at the mercy of my illimitable power! They will beg and plead for their meaningless liv-



And she was gone. Back into the meat grinder of the world. How long must I wait for my ultimate rise?! My shift nearly over. I can retreat to my sanctum. I can already hear the bark of Cerberus my faithful friend. You shall sit at my side as we plunge humanity into the dark abyss of my underwo-

“Hi, Hades isn’t it?”

Persephone. Beautiful Persephone. She knows my name?

“Um. Hey.”

“You’re in Professor Homer’s Ancient Literature class, right?”


“I thought it was you. I’m Persephone but everyone calls me Cora.”

“I know.”

“Great! I was wondering if you could help me? I need a dress for the prom, but I don’t know what to get. All my friends already have their dresses. Aphrodite looks incredible, she’s so full of it.”

Of course I’ll help. I’d do anything for you, I lov-

“Are you going to Prom?”

“Prom is an foolish concept. It shall be done away with when I unleash my rule upon the world.”


“Nothing, I didn’t say anything. I haven’t decided yet.”

“You should, it’ll be fun. Hey, you’re the guy with the cute brother, right? The one on the swim team.”

Of course she likes Poseidon. They all like Poseidon. Captain of the swim team, washboard abs, tall. It doesn’t matter, when I fulfil my great vision I shall take her for my own and she will be mi-

“Is he single?”

“Er. I don’t know.”

“Probably not, no one that gorgeous ever is. What do you think about this one?”

I am overcome with a crippling longingness, a desperate sadness, a doomy vertigo that poured over me at the sight of her. I must tell her how good she looks in that dress. I must articulate my response to her profound beauty…

“It’s nice.”

“I think I’ll take it. Thanks so much for your help! See you at school”

The end of the day. Finally I can return to my dwelling. Poseidon would have to be the first to go. All his wenches will watch as I-

“Hades! Stop daydreaming and get in the car!”


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