Tale Three – Chapter One

Here we go. The start of our third story. Enjoy! (Yes I know it’s short)



Slowly she walks, frail and unsuspecting. Each step draws her closer. Closer to me. Further into my domain. My underworld. Such insignificance deluded into self-importance. Just a few more steps. She’ll never realize the spec she is, they never do. I prefer it that way. Let them lean into their ignorance. Let them indulge in their tunnelled view of the world. Let them know life. Then, take it awa-

“Hi. My husband bought me this sweater for my birthday last week but silly Dan, he still thinks of me as that 22 year-old he married. He’s so sweet, there’s no way I’d fit into an 8 now but you know, at least it shows that he hasn’t notice me aging… does that mean he doesn’t notice my looks at all now? Oh God. . Stop it Lillian, Dan loves me just as much as he did on our wedding day. The trip to Saint Tropez proves that.”

“Would you like an exchange or a refund?”

“Hmm well I don’t want Dan to think I don’t like the sweater so I better exchange it for a different size.”

“All the sizes we have are hung up by the shoe wall.”

Sweaters. Marriage. Such trivial matters. If only the world was filled with meaning. But then, I suppose, there’d but no fun in taking it. I shall not dwell beneath humanity for ever. I will ri-

“Is this 10 too tight? I feel it clinging to my hips. It does make me look slimmer though. I’ll go try on the 12. See which one I prefer.”

She’ll be the first. Then onto my bro-

“Hadeees! Little brother! How are you? How’s the shift?”

Then onto my brother. Zeus.

“This shift is but an opening chapter in the rise of the underworld.”

“That’s great but have there been any customers?”

“That lady over there is exchanging a sweater…”

“And you know what to do? Put it through as a refund and a new purchase?”

“Yes brother.”

“Awesome, you’ll go far here. I can see it now. Hades, assistant store manager.”

Ok my brother will be first. The apple of my father’s eye. Store manager at just 17, head boy at school and just offered a place at Yale. All things that will be null when I recreate this world. And his precious Hera. Almost as cherished by my parents as my two older sisters. Zeus shall watch as I-

“So the 12 doesn’t sit right, it’s too baggy. I’ll have to go with the 10 and change potatoes for quinoa. Maybe I’ll even go back to the gym.. I’ll call Gabby and tell her we’re gunna start spinning again. I wonder if José is still there. Anyway, thanks for the help. You’ve been great.”

“Thank you for shopping at Olympus Department Store. Please come back soon.”


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