Manslaughterer – Chapter Three

Here’s the third chapter for our second story. Look out for Chapter Four the same time next week!

“What the fuck happened?!” shouted Rick.

They had been sitting watching the TV incredulously until Rick jumped up and started pacing up and down the room.

“How can he possibly be alive?” he continued, “he had a hole in his head.”

“Sometimes people survive being shot in the head…” said Russell nonchalantly.

“Shut the fuck up Russell” Rick snapped.

He sat back down and they both sat in silence.

“So, what are we going to do?” Russell finally pipped up.

“He’s going to tell them what happened and we’re screwed” he was becoming incensed, “we can’t let this happen,” he paused as he tried to wrap his head around what was going on, “the News said that he hasn’t said anything else, right? Because he had to be taken to hospital.”

“Maybe  he can’t remember what happened on account of serve brain damage.”

“Can’t risk it.” Rick was both envious and irritated at Russell’s apparent calmness at the situation.

“Well, then we have to go to the hospital and convince him not to talk,” Russell put extra emphasis on the word ‘convince’, “he would only need a bit of convincing” again he put the extra emphasis on the word.

“Why are you saying it like that?”

Russell leaned right up to Rick with a wild look in his eye.

“All we need to do is ‘convince’ him.”

“Is this you’re way of saying we go and kill him?”

“Have you got a better idea?”

“No.” he really didn’t.

“Then it’s settled, as soon as it gets dark we go.”

It was dark, they were driving in Ricks car. Again they found themselves sitting without saying a word. Russell turned to him as if he was trying to break an awkward silence

“Remember that time we were shot at?”

“You mean the time last night? Yes I remember.”

“Well, he can place us at the scene of the crime” he started nodding to himself as though he was trying to substantiate what he was about to say, “we’re going to have to convince him too.”

Rick didn’t reply. One thing at a time.

Rick pulled his car up outside the hospital, it was about 11PM and the hospital seemed eerily quiet. They didn’t speak for a moment, Russell was fidgeting uneasily in the passenger seat. Rick’s heart was beating faster than he ever remembered it beating before.

“I’ve been having second thoughts” said Russell turning to him.

“We can’t back out now” Rick was trying to supress a quiver in his voice.

“Maybe, we could bribe him into not talking.”

“Bribe him with what?”

Russell instantly began reaching into his pockets.

“I have $2 and 76 cents, a stick of gum, a library card that expired in March 2008,” he continued rummaging around in his pockets as Rick sighed painfully “oh, and $50… these must be your pants.”

“Somehow I don’t think that’s going to cut it.” said Rick.

“You’re probably right” replied Russell mournfully, “lets get on with it then.”

Russell reached around to the back seat and grabbed some hospital scrubs.

“Remind me again why you have these?” inquired Rick

“Role play.”

“Never mind” he instantly regretted asking.

They changed in the car then strolled through the main entrance trying to act as though they were supposed to be there. Now all they had to do was find him. They headed for the Rehabilitation Unit and began the process of casually peaking through the windows down the corridor trying to spot him.

“Over there” Rick hissed. At the end of the corridor sat a police officer outside of a door.

“That has to be it” he continued, “but how do we get passed him”

“We could bribe him…” said Russell waving the expired library card in his face.

Rick smacked his hand away. Having barely taken their eyes off the police officer he suddenly stood up, stretched out and walked off down the hallway and out of sight. They seized their moment and jolted forwards into a brisk walk, they walked as fast as inconspicuousness would allow. They reached the door, opened it and slid in, locking it behind them and drawing the blinds on the window.

“That was fortunate” quipped Russell.

“Yeah, maybe our luck is finally starting to change”.

They turned their attention to the bed and more specifically the man on the bed, his head was covered in bandages but as they closed in it was obvious it was him. They stood either side of the bed looking down at the man. Russell put his hands down into his scrubs and brought out a hammer. Rick was still annoyed he couldn’t find anything less brutal but a gun would have made too much noise. Russell, who stood opposite Rick had begun to squirm.

“I don’t think I can do it” he whined.

“Yes you can. You killed him once and you can do it again.”

“I can’t.”

Rick was only too aware of the short window of opportunity they had and they didn’t have time for this. He reached over and grabbed the hammer.

“Give it to me, I’ll do it”.

He looked down at the man, took in a long protracted breath. Then he raised the hammer unnecessarily high above his head then closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and had begun to bring the weapon cascading down when Russell stopped him.


“What?!” Rick stood there hammer still stretched out, staring at Russell.

“Don’t you think we should say something first.”

Rick stood with his mouth wide open.

“Say what?!”

“You know, some nice words before we send him on his way.”

Rick was astounded by how Russell’s mind works. All he knew was that knowing Russell, arguing with it would take longer that going along with it.

“What was his name?” he asked.


“Jeff the drug dealer?”

Russell nodded in the affirmative.

“What was his last name?”

“I was working under the assumption he only had one name.”

“Who the fuck only has one name?”


Rick quickly broke out of a fantasy in which he was beating Russell to death with the hammer. He then began reciting an obituary off the top of his head which mostly consisted of how he didn’t know Jeff in life but he was sure he would have preferred him to the blood stained pain in the arse he’d come to know over the past two days. He ended with a sarcastic “Amen” and waited for Russell to finish his moment of silence.

“That was nice.”

“Now do you mind?” Rick gestured towards the man on the bed

Russell signalled that there would be no more interruptions and Rick once again went about setting himself up for the kill. He raised the hammer high in the air anew and was again getting ready to bring it thundering down. However after not having moved for what must have been about two minutes he was beginning to realise he couldn’t do it.


“What are we going to do now?”


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